Bloodsworn Guild

We are a WoW guild on Magtheridon - EU Horde made out of mostly friends and people from a previous guild. We're currently looking for new members (Socials & Raiders) for our guild, to bolster our raiding team. Our goal is to raid at least 2 times a week (Monday & Thursday from 19:30 to 22:30) and we aim for as much progression as we can. We're looking for mature, friendly and dedicated raiders with some raid experience. We give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, and open minded way.


We are actively searching for players to join our raid team. Are you a fun & chill guy/gal, but you also want progress? Then this is the place for you.


Need to hit an officer up, or are you just looking for a friendly chat? You will be able to find our Bnet ID's and the guild discord at Contact!


In need of some new addons? Perhaps a class guide? Maybe looking for a VOIP? Check out the links section!


Living in your parents basement? Surviving on Monster energy drinks and MC Donalds? Do you know how to avoid puddles and not to stand in fire to make your DPS/HPS higher? Have more brains than an average PUG life player? Then Bloodsworn is looking for you!

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Here you can get in touch with our awesome offices, and there's also a link to our discord. Come say hi!

“Once troll, never re-roll”


Laylay/Sefure, Guild Master, Limir#2964Raid Leader

“Need I say more? Yes we do, Kim possible.”


Roofio, Officer, Baronen#21825, Kim Possible. Backup Raid Leader

“Never waits for 5 sunders...”


Sish, Officer, Sish#21795 Recruitment Officer

“Sneezy boi”


Datgirlxeo, Officer, Fulika#2208 Dat boi

“Our Discord channel can be found here:”

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There is nothing here yet! We are still looking to take some of them tasty boss kill pictures!


Here you can find links to all of the sites that we recommend.



VOIP, Communication

From the times of Ventrillo, to the age of Teamspeak, Discord, in the present serves as both, a method of communication and forums of our guild.

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Icy Veins


Do you have doubt about the class you play, boss you want to kill, etc., and do you wish to get more insight and get your questions answered, than visit Icy Veins.

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Addons, UI

We want you to use several addons to improve the gameplay, for example such as: DBM, Skada/Recount, Exorsus, WeakAuras 2 & RCLootCouncil.

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Warcraft Logs

Logs, Optimization

Here is where Bloodsworn records all the boss encounters. You can view them back, check and find the best ways of improvement.

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Search Engine, News

Stuck on a quest? Looking for an item? Trying to find a way how to complete an achievement? Than wowhead is your best friend.

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