Guild Notes

Welcome to Celerity!

1. Addons

These are mandatory

  • Boss encounters: DBM/BigWigs etc.
  • Loot distribution: RCLootCouncil
  • Boss encounters enhanced: WeakAuras2, Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Damage/Healing meters: Skada/Recount/Details
  • Any addon that is required for the individual boss fight

These are optional

  • Boss encounters enhanced: GTFO
  • Gear help: Pawn

2. Your Character

If you have any questions about the class & spec that you play please visit

3. Raiding

  • Ilvl: 960+
  • Fully gemmed
  • Fully enchanted
  • Food, flask, pots, runes and vantus runes
  • VoIP, The Guild Discord. Click here to join the Discord.
  • Microphone required.

Wednesday, Thursday & Monday from 19:30 - 22:30 are Heroic and Mythic progress runs. If you have something going on outside of the game, and cannot come online during those days, please do inform an officer about it via discord or in game message. Preferably 2 days before.

4. Behaviour

Be respectful towards each other (Don't bash other players/individuals. We understand that some people prefer to communicate with jokes/banter/memes here and there but DO NOT turn this into bashing/personal attacks.). Bashing/attacks will result in these consequences: ban and kick out of discord and the Celerity guild in game.

You are free to invite friends over to chat on the Celerity discord, BUT non guild members are only restricted to use general voice and text channel. Only guild members are allowed to use the rest of the voice and text channels.

5. Loot distribution in raids

As it is mentioned above, we use RCLootCouncil. If you do not have this addon installed, you will not be able to receive loot.

Raiders have loot priority.

The loot council members are distributing the loot according to your performance & attendance in the raids.

When rolling for an item you can choose from several options: 4 piece, 2 piece, Upgrade to existing (tier or non-tier) , Other (note), Pass & Note. If you already have an existing 4 piece set or a 2 piece set, roll e.g. for an Upgrade or Other (note) and dont forget to write something in the note. Use the note to add something important to help you convince LC members that you really need the item (for example if you have Pawn addon add upgrade % or if you already have a 4 set but the set piece that dropped is your BiS, write it down).

Note: However we do take into consideration that if some people recieve multiple pieces of loot during a single evening we might prioritize those who didnt recieve any yet. This will lead to a more fair loot distribution and everybody can have a fair shot at loot.

If you have any questions, please contact any officer in the game:

  • Sish: Sish#21795
  • Anunith: Limir#2964
  • Månepigenqtx: Bøllebob#2935
  • Quickdab: Znoopy#2515